Angela Williams
Angela on Tyler Perry's newest sitcom, For Better or Worse.


African American




Marcus Williams


Dominique (Step- Daughter), and M.J. (Marcus Jr.)

Close Friends

Leslie, and Jennifer


RoKeisha Jones

Potrayed By

Tasha Smith

Angela Williams is one of the main characters on the dramedy, Tyler Perry's For Better or Worse, and the Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married Films. She is potrayed by Tasha Smith.

Background InformationEdit

In Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married? The Movie, Angela is shown to be a loud- mouth alchoholic. She can get very angry when Marcus and her get in a fight. Also with Keisha, Marcus' baby mama. In the first episode, A Better Me, Angela and Keisha got into a fight when Dominique, Angela's stepdaughter who is Keisha's daughter called Angela a whore. Keisha and Angela made up and became friends until the episode, Deceiving Eyes when Leslie spilled the beans about Keisha trying to kiss Marcus. Angela and Marcus' relationship became tense when Angela recieved a letter from a woman named Sabrina Murphy stating that she slept with him while at his friend, Manny's party. With the letter was a picture of her and him in bed, even though they both had clothes on. While in rage, Angela burns up his clothes and porsche. After that, she tries to get some advice from Jennifer and Leslie at her salon. Leslie and her have been working on an expansion for her salon. A contractor who is also helping on the expansion, Tyrik claims that she and him slept together a week before her marriage to Marcus at his birthday party. Marcus then buys a new car and a new wardrobe. Still working on the expansion, Angela has no idea her check has been cleared until Leslie tells her. Heartbroken that Marcus was the one who took the money out her account she moves in with Jason and Leslie. Angela moves back in and gets advice from her maid, Miss V. Who is played by Chandra Currelly.


Marcus: Angela's husband who she usually gets into a fight with.

Tyrik: A contractor who claims she had an affair with him a week before her marriage with Marcus.


2007, Why Did I Get Married? (Movie)

2010, Why Did I Get Married Too?

S1 E1, A Better Me

S1 E2, One Last Try

S1 E3, The One I Want

S1 E4, Deceiving Eyes

S1 E5, Forsaking All Others

S1 E6, To Lie or Not To Lie

S1 E7, For Baby Mama Drama

S1 E8, Speak Now

S1 E9, For Richer or Poorer

S1 E10, To Believe or Not To Believe