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Assisted Living is an American sitcom written, produced, and directed by Tyler Perry. It stars David Mann, Tamela Mann, J. Anthony Brown, Na’im Lynn, Courtney Nichole, Tayler Buck & Alex Henderson., It premiered on BET on September 2, 2020.


After losing his job, Jeremy and his family decides to move back to Georgia to help his grandfather, who ends up buying a run-down home for the elderly and becomes way in over his head. Mr. Brown and Cora show up at the right time to be investors and run the retirement home with Vinny.


David Mann plays Mr. Brown who reluctantly invests in a dilapidated assisted living facility. He agrees because he has deep-seated animosity towards Vinny, the current owner.

Tamela Mann plays Cora, Mr. Brown’s daughter who falls in love with the assisted living facility. She thinks it will be a good investment for herself and her father.

Brown plays Vinny, Jeremy’s grandfather. Vinny is living in a rundown assisted living facility and is growing weed.

Lynn plays Jeremy who recently got laid off unexpectedly and travels to rural Georgia with his family to visit his grandfather.

Nichole plays Leah, Jeremy’s supportive wife. When she realizes that it may be Jeremy’s inheritance, she suggests that they stay in Georgia and fix up and run the assisted living building.

Buck plays Sandra, Leah, and Jeremy’s daughter who is a typical phone-obsessed teenager.

Henderson plays Philip, Leah, and Jeremy’s son who is a typical loudmouth teenager.