Dr. Frank Wallace
Jason, Aunt Bam, and Dr. Wallace in Tyler Perry's Madea's Big Happy Family The Play.


African American




Joyce Watkins

Seen In

Tyler Perry's Madea's Big Happy Family The Play.

Potrayed By

Omarr Dixon or Philip Anthony- Rodriguez (Dr. Evans)

Dr. Wallace is Shirley's main doctor. He is potrayed by Omarr Dixon.

Background InformationEdit

Shirley went to an apointment with Dr. Wallace. Then she found out all the short breaths and sickness was because her cancer's back. Plus, she had 4- 6 weeks to live. Dr. Wallace started to take pity on her. Shirley then asked him to explain her ilness to the family. Aunt Bam later called Madea to set things straight. When Dr. Wallace came over the family started fighting. It was revealed that Jason and Dr. Wallace went to medical school together. Aunt Bam later got him a date with Shirley's daughter, Joyce. So, Karen gave her a makeover. Right when they were about to go on their date, Dr. Wallace rushes in telling them about Shirley's illness, and that she's in the hospital. Shirley later dies of cancer. Dr. Wallace, Madea, Aunt Bam, and the rest of the family head back to Shirley's house after the funeral. So, Madea gives them advice. Also, telling Joyce to stop hiding in the past.


2010, Madea's Big Happy Family (Play) Played by Omarr Dixon

2011, Madea's Big Happy Family (Movie) Played by Philip Anthony- Rodriguez (Dr. Evans)


"I wish I had your fate, Miss Shirley".