Floyd Jackson
Palmer E. Williams as Floyd in Tyler Perry's The Haves And The Have Nots.


African American




Hattie, 1st Wife (Divorced), and 2nd Wife (Divorced).


Roger, Judith (daughter in- law), and Olivia.




Barber, Landlord

Potrayed By

Palmer E. Williams

Floyd is a weed smoking landlord. Who is riotously funny. He first appeared on the television show, Tyler Perry's House of Payne. He is potrayed by Palmer E. Williams Jr.  Uncle Boogie.  

Background InformationEdit

On Tyler Perry's House of Payne, Floyd used to be Calvin's boss. Floyd is one of the longest recurring characters on the show. Later in 2009, Floyd was later revealed that Floyd was a survivor of Hurricane Katrina, and lives in a house with his son, Roger Jackson, who's wife is a marriage counselor named, Judith who's potrayed by Tamar Davis in the play version. Floyd seemed to have a close relationship with T.T., Judith's mother, and also a Hurricane Katrina survivor. Later in the 2010 play, Laugh to Keep From Crying, Floyd is a landlord in an apartment building, Floyd seems to be in love Carol, a single mother, and one of the residents. In, 2011, Floyd is a butler at Denise and Lewis' house, and happens to know a secret about Denise and Frank having an affair. And Rose, Frank's wife makes him spill the beans.

Floyd's FamilyEdit

At the end of The Marriage Counselor, Tyler Perry said he might make a spinoff to Tyler Perry's House of Payne, entitled Floyd's Family.


  • 2009, The Marriage Counselor (Play)
  • 2010, Laugh to Keep From Crying
  • 2011, The Haves And The Have Nots


  • "God is good, sweeter than honey. But when it comes to loans, you get no money."