Hattie in the stage play, I Don't Want to Do Wrong

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race- African American




Mr. Mansell (Lover) Rev. Wallace


Yolonda, Rose, Linda, Jamal (Son in-law), Frank (Son in-Law),and Phillip (Son in-law.

Debuted In

Tyler Perry's A Madea Christmas The Play


Hattie is one of Madea's old friends. Hattie is the partner in crime of Aunt Bam and Madea. Her, Aunt Bam, and Madea used to rob banks together. She is married to Deacon Wallac


Back in Hattie's day, She was Madea and Aunt Bam's partner in crime; robbing banking and many other delinquencies against the law. she had one husband, seven children, and two other boyfriends. She says, "It ain't easy cheatin' when you're married!". She has one young daughter named Yolanda and another named Rose. One of the seven children are mother or father to the sisters, Anita and Mona, whom star in Tyler Perry's Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned The Play. They are Hattie's grown granddaughters. It is obvious that she is very old, because Yolanda was in college and Linda from Love thy Neighbor was in her 40s.

I Don't Want To Do WrongEdit

Hattie's daughter, Yolanda, has moved back in to their house while she attends medical school. While trying to keep the image that her and her husband are still in love with each other for the sake of their daughter being home, her and Wallace have grown apart. Her daughter is married to a military veteran named Jamal who is still on active duty. Despite Hattie's attempt to hide the unhappiness in her own marriage, she discovers her daughter is lonely in her own marriage and is having an affair with a fellow student named Marty.

Wallace walks in to discover Marty on his daughter with her pleading "No." which he thinks he is trying to rape her. Not too much longer the entire family and Jamal happens to arrive and they discover it as well. Marty tries to run away and then Wallace and Marty follow. Wallace collapses and Hattie becomes over emotional realizing how much she loves him. Not wanting her daughter repeat some of the mistakes she had, she demands that she fixes what she messed up.


  • Wallace (Husband)
  • Yolando (Daughter)
  • Jamal (Son-in-Law)
  • Frank (Son-in-Law)
  • Anita (Older granddaughter)
  • Mona (Granddaughter)
  • Linda (Daughter)
  • Danny (Grandson)
  • Phillip (Son in-law)