Irene was Madea's deceased sister. She has two grown biological children, Victoria Breaux and Sonny Andrews. It is unknown whether Irene ever married.


According to her family, she was very wild and promiscuous throughout her lifetime. She was active on drugs and whoring around with men. She had Victoria around that time, and when she was older her mother traded her for $10 and a fix. Before she died, she did get saved (according to Madea), and she had Sonny later. She had a nine year old foster daughter which Madea deems she was keeping her for the extra money and not for sincerely liking kids.


In Madea's Family Reunion (the play), they've just come from her funeral. It is very implied she was on bad terms with her sister, Madea, because she sleep with one of her husbands and owed her twenty bucks. Madea's response to them insisting her to speak and reflect memories of her sister resulted in her becoming destructive in anguish.

In Madea goes to Jail (the play), Madea lets Irene's son, Sonny, and his wife and son stay with her to get on their feet. It is implied that Irene was calmed and babied by the time she was raising Sonny.

In the film, Tyler Perry's Madea's Family Reunion, Madea lets her grandniece, Vanessa, and her two children stay with her. Irene's daughter, Victoria, is having issues with her own daughters. Victoria informs her daughters that she was a real whore and a junkie. She even claimed that Irene traded her for ten bucks and a fix.



  • She is talked about during the series, but she does not make an appearance due to having past away.
  • Irene is the source for the generational dysfunction caused in her family which both Vanessa Breaux and Lisa Breaux eventually overcome.
  • It is very likely Victoria and Sonny are half siblings; possibly having different fathers. Not only that, they are very likely to be years apart in age and hardly have a relationship due to their different upbringing from their mother.