William Simmons Sr.Edit

William "Johnny" Simmons Sr. is one of the late husbands of Madea Simmons. He and Madea have one child together: William Simmons Jr. Madea reffers to him as a lousy, lazy, hardware bum who was a drunk and never spended any time with William Jr. when he was a kid and didn't come to the hospital for his birth. He was never shown in the movies or plays, but he was mention periodically by Madea throughout. He has a large family from his two biological children alone.


- He is Michelle's father in the plays I Can Do Bad All By Myself, Diary Of A Mad Black Woman, and Madea's Family Reunion, but is William's father in Madea' Class Reunion.

- He died of a heart attack in I Can Do Bad All By Myself the play but it is revealed that Madea poisoned him with her sweet potato pie in one of the plays.