Judith Jackson
Judith and Roger in Tyler Perry's The Marriage Counselor The Play.


African American




Roger Jackson


T.T. Grayson

Seen In

Tyler Perry's The Marriage Counselor The Play

Potrayed By

Tamar Davis

Judith is the main protagonist in the play, Tyler Perry's The Marriage Counselor. She is potrayed on stage by Tamar Davis.

Background InformationEdit

Judith is a marriage counselor and the wife of Roger, who sometimes forgets their special things in their marriage. When Judith's had enough, she leaves Roger for her old flame from college, Ronald. As things start to change Judith finds out that Ronald is on drugs and is abusive in which she finds out from him, abusively. After her husband, her mom, and Roger's dad, Floyd save her from Ronald, she also learns that he also had HIV positive. At the end of the play, she finds out her HIV test was negative but, Roger leaves her saying that they only can be friends because she hurt him by cheating.


2009, The Marriage Counselor (Play) Played by Tamar Davis