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Kevin is the ex-felon husband of Jackie. He is youthful, athletic, charismatic and christian.


He and Jackie have been married for within two years which she works as a housekeeper, attends college to support him. He has gotten out of the street lifestyle, got saved, got a business degree while in prison, but having a hard time finding employment having a record. Madea is letting them stay with her in order for them to get on their feet. The often go to Madea's garage when they show intimacy so no one overhears. Jackie feels pain when she thinks he makes a pass at her cousin, Tina, whom was his prior romantic interest.

Madea's Family Reunion (The Play)Edit

While Kevin is playing basketball, Tina comes by. Tina wants to play in order to get close to him. She holds the ball sneaks a kiss which Kevin is immediately put off. He asks Tina why she did that and she falsely apologizes. Kevin goes in the garage to put away the basketball. Tina follows Kevin into the garage. By the time Kevin fends her off coming out of the garage and the family is around and waiting for an explanation which Tina accuses Kevin of trying to rape her which Jackie believed initially breaking her heart.


  • Madea (Grandmother-in-law)
  • Jackie (Wife)
  • Tina (Former Lover)
  • A.J. (Good Friend)


  • "Let's just pretend that didn't happen" -to Tina
  • "Jackie!!!* -passionate singing to Jackie


  • Madea's Family Reunion (The Play)


  • Kevin and A.J. are childhood friends.
  • Kevin is on bad terms with Vickie as she thinks he stole Cora Jean Simmons's ring, and doesn't have a job to support jackie (or atleast staying with Madea.) She will continually be rude to him (infuriating Jackie in the process) throughout the play because she believes he is deadbeat.
  • It is unknown why Kevin and Tina broke up.