Lucy Mansell
Tyler Perry ("Madea"), Alexis Jones ("Lucy"), Cassi Davis ("Aunt Bam"), Tony Grant ("Eric") and Jeffrey Lewis ("George")in Tyler Perry's A Madea Christmas.


African American




John Mansell (Lover)




Eric and George



Other Family

Madea, Aunt Bam, Shirley Watkins, and Cora Jean Simmons.

Seen In

Tyler Perry's A Madea Christmas

Potrayed By

Alexis Jones

Lucy is Margaret's second oldest child who appears in Tyler Perry's A Madea Christmas. She's a stripper and one John's women he's having an affair with. She is potrayed by Alexis Jones.

Background InformationEdit

China secretly invites her and Madea's clan to the Mansell's Cape Cod so Margaret could see her family, because she's working on Christmas. When Lucy walked in, John turned the other way. As if there was a problem. Later in the play it seems that John and Lucy do know each other because they're arguing on the porch, and Madea eavesdropping on them. When they come back in the house, Madea asks where have they been. John tells Madea that he showed Lucy his boats. Madea made a comment asking "Did it float?" In the next part of the play, its early in the morning, and Lucy wakes up with stomach pains. Then China comes downstairs with the rest of the women. China complains about how tired she is and that she needs rest. Madea starts talking to China about how she could be that tired.