Marcus Williams
Marcus on Tyler Perry's newest sitcom, For Better or Worse.


African American




Angela Williams


Dominique Willams and M.J. Williams

Potrayed By

Michael Jai White

Marcus Williams is one of the main characters in the Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married Films and the TV series, For Better or Worse. He is potrayed by Michael Jai White.

Background InformationEdit

Marcus is the husband of Angela and the father of Dominique Williams and M.J. Willams. Angela and him argue all the time. Marcus is a co-host alongside his friend, Joseph on a sports show. Him, Joseph, and Richard started the sports show a couple years. Marcus became concerned and tried to warn Richard that Keisha is a gold digger when he found out that Richard was dating Keisha, his ex; they had a child together named Dominique. Shortly thereafter it will be confirmed that Keisha lied about Marcus being Dominique's father. Angela recieved a letter from a woman who claimed she slept with him. The woman asked for child support because she claims they have a 3 year old together. Angela immediately started asking him questions and shoving the photo in his face. Marcus denied that he slept with that woman. Stating that they both had their clothes on and he looked passed out. But Angela didn't believe him. Angela made him sleep on the couch. Until Marcus told her that it was his house and it was his room too. So for a couple episodes, Angela kept telling him to leave. That's when she burned his porsche and all of his clothes. Marcus then took money from Angela's acount for the expansion of the salon. And bought a new car and a new wardrobe. Heartbroken, she moved into Joseph and Leslie's apartment. The next day, Joseph went and talked to him. Him and M.J. came into the house. To find Angela at the house.


RoKeisha Jones: Marcus' baby mama whom who have a daughter together named Dominique.

Angela Williams: Marcus' loud mouth wife.

Sabrina Murphy: A woman who claims they have 3- month year old son together.


2007, Why Did I Get Married? (Movie)

2010, Why Did I Get Married Too?

S1 E1, A Better Me

S1 E2, One Last Try

S1 E3, The One I Want

S1 E4, Decieving Eyes

S1 E5, Forsaking All Others

S1 E6, To Lie or Not To Lie

S1 E7, For Baby Mama Drama

S1 E8, Speak Now

S1 E9, For Richer or Poorer

S1 E10, To Believe or Not To Believe