Mr. Leroy Brown
Meet the browns
David Mann as Mr. Brown


African American




Mattie Brown


Aquaneesha Brown, and Cora Jean Simmons


Lisa Simmons, and Tina Simmons

Great- Grandchild

Shemar Simmons


L.B., Vera, and Brenda


Pop Brown and Unknown

Other Family

Milay, Will, Sasha, Harry Belton, and Michael

Potrayed By

David Mann

Mr. Leroy Brown is the son of Pop Brown as said in Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns The Play, Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns The Movie, and Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns (TV series). He was also married to the now deceased Mattie Brown. He is portrayed by David Mann.

Background InformationEdit

Mr. Brown and Mattie had a daughter named Aquaneesha who appears in Tyler Perry's Madea's Family Reunion The Play. It was also revealed in Tyler Perry's Madea's Class Reunion that Cora is his daughter, but in Tyler Perry's Madea's Big Happy Family The Movie they take a DNA test and the results show that he isn't her father, even though Madea thinks he is. He has two siblings, brother L.B. and sister Vera, a half-sister named Brenda, a sister-in-law Sarah, a nephew Will, portrayed by Lamman Rucker, nephew-in-law Gerald, is portrayed by Terry Philips, nieces Milay (portrayed by Tamika Scott) and Sasha Brown. In the T.V. Series, Meet the Browns, Mr. Brown has strong feelings toward Edna.



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