Nima Breaux is the oldest daughter of Vanessa Breaux. She has a younger half-brother named Jonathan. She is of Irene's lineage making her a great granddaughter.

Madea's Family ReunionEdit

Nima is shown to be a cheerful little girl approximately four nearing five years of age. She watches out after her brother at the park and loves play on the swing and jungle gym.

In the first of the film, Lisa, her aunt asks how her and her brother are doing which Vanessa informs her that they are doing wonderful, but had to move in with Madea because neither her father or her brother's father are paying child support.

Vanessa decides to meet up with Frankie in the park. At the park, her and her brother quickly form a bond with Frankie's son, Tre, much to their parents happiness and they all play in the park while their parent's watch them and talk.When Frankie and Vanessa talk about their children, Vanessa informs him the Nima's father is married and won't see her nor pay child support.

Nima is also shows up in her mother's wedding as the flower-girl with her younger brother at her side.


  • "Good Morning" - to Nicki Grady



  • Nima's unknown father is a married man.