Tre Henderson is the young son of Franky Henderson and he is approximately six years of age. He appears to be an active kid and kind of a jokester. he gets along well with Nima and Jonathan which become his new siblings when his father marries their mother, Vanessa.


When Vanessa Breaux meets them at the park, they are sitting on the steps playing a game. Franky introduces Vanessa to his son while she introduces Franky and him to Nima and Jonathan. They run to the playground and play while Franky and Vanessa talk. When Vanessa asks about Tre's mother, Franky explains to Vanessa that she married and doesn't have much time for him. This implies that she sees him on very scattered occasions and could possibly be too wrapped in her new romance (and possible other children) to go and see him.


  • "Just do it! Chicken" -to Franky



  • Franky (Father)
  • Vanessa (New Step Mother)
  • Nima (New Stepsister)
  • Jonathan (New Stepbrother)