DVD Cover For Tyler Perry's new play

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Poster for Tyler Perry's Laugh to Keep From Crying

This play was recorded in front of a live audience. This play was released on DVD August 30th, 2011 alongside Madea's Big Happy Family The Movie and Meet the Browns: Season One. The play stars Cheryl Pepsii Riley, Chandra Currelley, and Palmer E. Williams Jr. as Floyd.


Amazingly, Tyler Perry has written yet another live stage production that will surely bring much needed laughter with the challenges we face today. This 11th production touches the depths of our souls as it explores confusion versus an illustration of courage. A cast of veterans from former Tyler Perry productions will provide you with a clear perception to mange your own situations, but on a lighter scale.

The story line is based on life's struggles in the inner city. How does one understand and protect young people; how do you manage to keep a roof over your head when you lose your job; how do you seperate true love from a deciever? As all of Mr. Perry's stage productions have been in the past, this entertaining experience is full of great laughter and high quality singing. As they say during difficult times, you have to "Laugh to Keep From Crying"!


Cheryl Pepsii Riley as Carol

Chandra Currelley as Belinda

Palmer E. Williams as Floyd

D'Atra Hicks as Niecy

Tamar Davis as Lisa

Donny Sykes as Tony

Anthony Dalton as Donnie

Stephanie Ferrett as Anna

Wes Morgan as Peter

Rachel Richards as Jane

Celestin Cornielle as Eddie