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DVD Cover for Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married?

This play was recorded in front of a live audience. It stars Cheryl Pepsii Riley, Donna Stewart, and LaVan Davis as Poppy. It was released on DVD alongside Madea Goes to Jail The Play and Madea's Family Reunion The Movie.


Every year, these friends get together for a weekend retreat. This year sparks fly from the first moment: Diana (an attorney married to Terry) is distressed that the unhappily married Sheila has brought her friend Trina along. Diana thinks Trina has her gold-digging sights set on Mike, Sheila's mean-spirited husband. This year, their unmarried friend, Troy, comes alone. The weekend ends early in disclosures and heartbreak. A year later, the six people - plus Terry's widowed father, Poppy - gather and this time they each address the question, "Why did I get married?" The answers reveal beliefs, decisions, and personalities. At any moment, someone might break into song.


Chery Pepsii Riley as Sheila (Kelly Price played Sheila in the first few shows)

Donna Stewart as Diana

Greg Stewart as Terry

Tony Grant as Troy

Cordelle Moore as Mike

Demetria McKinney as Trina

LaVan Davis as Poppy

Beverly Faulks as Janice