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Vickie is one of Madea's nieces. Her deceased uncle, Johnny Simmons, was Madea's second husband. This might be a different Johnny, as Johnny Simmons is often seen as Madea's first husband, though this may be a continuity error. She is a college professor, single mother to four boys whom is very religious, judgmental, and dramatic. She stays busy to avoid confronting issues regarding matters of her own heart. Her judgmental, pushy attitude clashes with most of the others and Madea constantly threatens to punch her in the face, or even burn her with a cigarette due to how irrate she acts at times. She has a romantic interest in the reverend, Johnny at the church. Later, after so many bitter outbreaks (mostly regarding men), he ask her out which turns her long cherish dream into a reality.


  • Madea's Family Reunion



  • She is one of few, if not the only, nibling of Madea that is by marriage, not blood.