"Call me back when you can... Biggy Size that!" -to Sonny

Character Edit

Wanda is a supporting protagonist in the play, Madea goes to Jail. She is an attorney and long time friend of Sonny Andrews.


Wanda and Sonny went to the same high school together. Over time, Wanda became attracted to Sonny and harbored feelings for him in secret, but she manifest the feelings in making the friendship more constructive to avoid getting hurt. Meanwhile, Sonny dated the high school tramp to her dismay and Wanda reserved her feelings in secret. Wanda got a in a relationship with a man after high school and they married, but it was short lived due to life paths being different to which they became strained. They ultimately divorced.

Madea Goes to Jail (Play)Edit

Wanda plays a few important roles in the play.

Wanda and Sonny meet again within the prison after many years have past. Compliments and inside jokes are exchanged. Wanda reminds him about the bet they had at which he still owes her. She asks about that girl he dated in high school they knew. From Sonny's coworker, he shouts out, "Oh, he married the tramp." Wanda still in dismay about it deep down tells Sonny she has some work to do and she will see him later on.

During the course of Sonny's wife being unfaithful towards him, Wanda informs him that his blood doesn't match his son's blood at which he cannot help in his son's health care emergency.

Wanda also informs him that his wife put their son up for adoption at which Sonny adopts him as his own. Wanda finally confesses to have been in love with Sonny for a long time. Sonny returns her affections by saying he has thought about her and he tells her the he is interested.


"Call me back when you can.. Biggy Size that!" -to Sonny



  • Wanda is Christian.
  • It is implied that Sonny and Wanda have become a couple after the movie.